Berexco LLC Petroleum Geology

All support will be applied for the purpose described below:
1. The scholarship is provided to an undergraduate entering sophomore or junior year and pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Geology.
2. The recipient will be a high achieving individual demonstrating leadership qualities.
3. The recipient will be interested in pursuing a career in the oil and gas exploration and production industry in Kansas.
4. The scholarship will pay for in-state tuition and fees, up to 15 undergraduate credit hours per semester.
5. The scholarship is renewable subject to the candidate fulfilling the necessary requirements and is available for a maximum of six semesters per recipient if the recipient is a sophomore and four semesters per recipient if the recipient is a junior.
6. The appropriately qualified student will preferably be a Kansas resident.
7. The recipient will have enough credit hours to qualify as an incoming sophomore or junior, as applicable, and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
8. The recipient is required to be enrolled in at least 15 credit hours each semester and must maintain a 3.5 grade point average each semester to be eligible for the scholarship the following semester.
9. The selected student will be required to watch a minimum of 2 continuing education courses available on the KU Tertiary Oil Recovery Project (TORP) website each semester. The class or courses must be approved by Berexco LLC. A suitable report approved by the student’s advisor outlining the information learned will be required. Berexco will be provided with copies of each report submitted by the recipient.
10. The scholarship recipient will be required to take either an apprenticeship or an 8-10 week internship with Berexco in the summer after their sophomore, if applicable, and junior years provided that Berexco has a position available.
11. The recipient will be encouraged to join the local student chapter of the America Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).
12. The recipient shall not accept any other private scholarship funds.